About Us

We have one of the best teams in the business. Every morning they arrive and create authentic mexican flavors for our tacos and mix fresh ingredients for our margaritas.

Our Inspiration

Legend has it that in the 18th century, the Convent of Santa Rosa was home to 29 Dominican nuns who, upon hearing that the Archbishop was coming for a visit, decided to mark the occasion by decorating their kitchen in beautiful Talavera tile and preparing a feast with what little they had. They put together spices, peppers, and chocolate, cooked an old turkey in it, and served it to a very satisfied Archbishop. When he asked what they called the dish, a nun replied, "I made a mole." or a “mix” in English.

Today, the Convent of Santa Rosa is considered the culinary Mecca of Mexico and we honor it at Santa Rosa Taqueria by serving meats braised for hours, char-grilled Mexican Street Corn, amazing margaritas, and the best freshly made guacamole.

Meet Our Team

We own and operate multiple restaurant concepts worldwide. Surrounding ourselves with an enthusiastic, expert team of people has been fundamental to our success.

See Our Community Work

From culinary diplomacy to food security, global poverty to children’s welfare, we use our voices to help make the world a better place.